Tort Law

Peterson, Baldor & Maranges, PLLC provides experience and practical support on a wide range of tort issues.

When an individual or business is harmed by the illegal or negligent actions or omissions of another individual or company, that individual or business can take action to stop the tortious behavior and obtain damages.

We provide legal representation for the following types of Torts:

  • Negligence and Negligent Misrepresentation
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Civil Conspiracy
  • Civil RICO
  • Civil Theft
  • Conversion
  • Constructive Trust
  • Defamation
  • Equitable Accounting
  • Fraud and Fraud in the Inducement
  • Interference with Employment or Prospective Economic Advantage
  • Unfair Competition and Trade Practices
  • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
  • Public or Private Nuisance
  • Slander and Slander of Title
  • Product Liability
  • Tortious Interference with Contractual Relations
  • Trade Libel or Disparagement

Giving you our Best

In 2009, founding partner Michael Peterson was retained to represent one of the largest material suppliers involved in the state and multi-district product liability litigation stemming from the importation of Chinese-manufactured drywall into the United States. He defended personal injury and property damage claims brought by 4,193 plaintiffs across the southeast United States. In 2014, Michael spent two months in trial as one of the lead trial attorneys in a Chinese-manufactured drywall matter. The jury awarded only 5% of the damages sought against Michael’s client.

Our team of attorneys knows the complexities of Tort Law.

For more information about our tort law practice, or to discuss your legal concerns with a lawyer who understands tort law, contact our office today.

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